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"Les Bébés Bilingues" is an associative daycare whose pedagogical project is based on the assimilation of Anglophone language and culture. It is for children zero to four years old, from families living in Lyon, who need to learn both English and French.

Half of our employees are French-speaking while the other half speak English. Each member of staff interacts with the children in his or her native tongue. Young chidren - curious and receptive by nature - adapt effortlessly to both languages through play, flourishing in the warm, friendly atmosphere.


"Les Bébés Bilingues" was set up in 1994. It is one of the few playschools in Lyon which offers linguistic and cultural immersion from the earliest age. We developed a partnership with Birmingham, the English city twinned with Lyon. Each year, we host newly-qualified nursery nurses and trainee students from the University College Birmingham.

In 2011, "Les Bébés Bilingues" was the first nursery in Rhône-Alpes region to be labeled "Ecolo-crèche".


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